Artist Statement

My work explores the weaknesses of the Human race: our fears, our fragility, and our insurmountable failure at being immortal. In Western culture we view ourselves as the Being most akin to God, yet our Creator has left us to die in the dirt of this here Earth. We seek to master Nature, and yet we are the most helpless of all creatures in the forest at nightfall. Everyday we dance between charity and barbary with the knowledge that we will inevitably misstep.

My pictures are inner landscapes: dark forests, broken rivers, falling birds. They are bleak. And at the same time, cathartic. Only by facing the darkness can we hope to see the light. Only if we acknowledge our infirmity can we act upon our strengths.

In the face of the impending ecological catastrophe that our species has brought upon itself, motives of natural destruction are rapidly losings their metaphorical character, and as such my work has also taken on an aspect of concrete activism.

We are cowardly and short-sighted animals, yet our capacity for staggering acts of poetry and self-sacrifice are a thing of beauty. I am of the firm belief that we deserve to survive as a species. And to do so we must face the broken side of our nature, we must know ourselves to overcome ourselves: and I am just one more silly mortal holding up a small mirror.



2018 Atelierbezug XTRO Ateliers Oberschöneweide

2014-2018 Elternzeit

2012-2014 Masterstudium der Malerei Akademie der Malerei Berlin

2008-2012 Master in Angewandte Linguistik, University of New England

2006-2008 Weiterbildung Sprachenpädagogik, University of Saskatchewan

2003-2006 Bachelor Bildende Kunst bestanden mit Auszeichnung

Schwerpunkt Freie Kunst, Concordia University, Montreal

2002-2003 Studium der Bildende Kunst, Université de Québec à Montréal

und Studium der Kunstgeschichte, Concordia University, Montreal


2006 nowhere, Galerie Ethnik Art, Montreal.

Ausgewählte Gruppenausstellungen

2019 Artists for Future, Group Global 3000, Berlin

2019 Transformart, Schöneweide, Berlin

2013 Art and Ice Cream, Kunsthalle Berlin Weißensee

2009 Pentiment 2009, HAW, Hamburg

2007 Am Hawerkamp, Muenster, Germany

2006 Fourth Annual Graduating Students’ Exhibition, Concordia University, Montreal

2006 Tell Me Who You Are, Divan Orange, Art Matters Festival, Montreal

2006 Studies in Space: Featuring Paint and Guests, Galerie ESPACE, Montreal

2005 Hind Sight, Bumper Gallery, Art Matters Festival, Montreal

2005 Untitled, Galerie 306, Edifice Belgo, Montreal

2005 Off Colour, Galerie ESPACE, Montreal

2005 Concordia Painting and Drawing Association Exhibition, Galerie 306, Edifice Belgo, Montreal

2004 Voice Lessons, Art Matters Festival, Montreal

2004 Salon Rouge, VAV Gallery, Montreal


2006 Fine Arts Student Alliance, Concordia University Projekt Stipendium


2004-2006 Vorsitzende: Concordia Painting and Drawing Association